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Birch sap is collected from specially selected areas which are tested annually


Limited edition honey gathered in the mountains at the altitudes around 2000 meters

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Ukrainian therapeutic mineral waters called natural water



The unique combination of a large number of forests and lakes has made Ukraine the ideal area forbirch-trees to grow and the world’s leading birch-juice producer.

As we have started importing, organic birch water, to the EU and USA — here’s a little about this wonderful product.

About Birch Water.

Each day a birch tree tree is drinking 300 litres of water and therefore contains several thousand litres of sap. The juice is bottled directly from the tree. The taste is fresh and reminds of springtime – soft, pleasant and sweet. It is an explosive fluid – a real boost for the body and soul.

Ukrainian birch sap is today harvested in organic certified virgin birch forests of Zakarpatian forest . The birch water is sustainable harvested after the end of the deep freeze of winter and prior to the first leaves budding. During this time period, the water is loaded with all ingredients needed to reignite life.

Ukrainian birch sap biological benefits: 

  • Optimized hydration of cells is Nature’s intent to revitalize the tree in the
  • Isotonic balance via natural micronutrients, electrolytes, minerals and amino

Ukrainian birch sap to revitalize and regenerate the body:

  • Daily isotonic hydration stimulates wellness for the entire human body
  • Brain hydration to reduce fatigue
  • Revitalizing ‘pick me up’ in the afternoons
  • Refreshing on the weekends

Only Nature can create an isotonic hydration drink that keeps intracellular and extracellular water contents in balance and together with rapid absorption into the body due to micronutrients, birch water can provide the most energy, strength and health. Birch water has been associated with benefits across a number of indications such as autoimmune disorders. In many cases, including the well-being of cancer patients during treatment, the observed relieve indicates a possible relationship to its hydration capacity.

Should know about It contains vitamins and other biologically active substances: free amino acids, enzymes, volatile, essential oils, plant hormones and valuable sugar.


All our products are made of 100% natural primary products thus are recommended to everyone.


  • No GMO
  • No toxins
  • No colours
  • No allergens
  • No preservatives
  • No stabilizers

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Birch sap must be collected only in ecological pure forests because trees may absorb harmful substances and exhaust smoke.

LLC «UKRAINIAN ECOLOGICAL GROUP» collects birch sap in specially selected areas which are tested annually by international certifying organizations; tested and assessed are, in particular, soils, distance from contamination sources, environmental and sanitary conditions. The parcels, sized over 10 hectares, are situated near the village of Banyliv-Pidhirny (Carpathian region) in the area rich in coniferous forests remote from farming lands. The place is paradise for those loving the nature of mountains. The place is almost surrounded by hilltops of the Bukovyna Carpathians.


Modern technologies and up-to-date standard of manufacturing applied at LLC «UKRAINIAN ECOLOGICAL GROUP» is a source of pride not only for the owners and management of the company but is also shared by local authorities.

Because of that, the company’s production sites are often visited by various delegations and representatives of international agricultural business. Representatives of the company are, in their turn, always welcomed guests at specialized events.


Since only natural stuff is used by LLC «UKRAINIAN ECOLOGICAL GROUP» to produce juices based on birch sap, much preparation and attention are required for collection of the main component.

Birch sap part in the final product makes up to 95-98% depending on part of other natural components, such as rose hips extract, mint extract, apple, cherry or lemon juices, citric acid, sugar, etc. As collecting of birch sap is a very seasonal process and this period cannot in any way be lengthened by humans, special technologies must be applied.


LLC «UKRAINIAN ECOLOGICAL GROUP»guaranties that quality and safety of its products meet all national and international norms, standards and requirements owing to implementation of integrated quality and food safety management system in compliance with international Standards ISO 22000 and ISOTS 22000-2 (certification scheme FSSC 22000).

The company management system ensures quality and safety of all products all the way through from production to the end-consumer.

The laboratory of LLC «UKRAINIAN ECOLOGICAL GROUP» regularly controls products quality at every stage of production process from testing of soil samples where birch trees are grown, incoming raw material, ingredients, packing material, to final products, sanitary and hygiene condition of production site at all levels, namely physical-chemical, radiological and microbiological.

These are the instruments and approaches that ensure high taste and quality characteristics of products offered by LLC «UKRAINIAN ECOLOGICAL GROUP».

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