About Us

In the beginning а company “UKRAINIAN ECOLOGICAL GROUP” trying to make wholesale Ukrainian honey a lot of different types , including range of honey from the major producing continents of, Asia,and Europe.

In 2014 -2015 years we open new gateway worldwide honey buyers for honey market for our customers.

Our long-standing relationships at source provide us with reliable supply and first-hand market information. This is essential given the ever changing quality requirements and complexities of EU legislation which are now applied to Honey.

Development Progress – Our Work

Different kinds of honey are produced in Ukraine . But, some special kinds of honey are only made in a few locations. Honey is also made in most countries around the world, and each country has their own favorite type.

When bees are able to access large areas of just one type of flower, like buckwheat or clover, they will produce a honey that has a certain color, and flavor that’s typical for that particular plant. This is called monofloral honey. Bees can also make blended honey when they combine different pollens from areas that have many different flowers. Different honey types can also be blended together when they are processed to create a special flavor.

How Our Teams Work

We have long established, direct connections around the world enabling us to be deeply involved in all of the major honey exporting origins, are several of the most common monofloral honey varieties: Acacia or the Black Locust Tree – This honey has a mild, but slightly tangy flavor that doesn’t crystallize, and has a water white to a very pale amber color.

  • Wildflower – Is frequently used to describe honey that comes from miscellaneous or undefined flower sources.
  • Buckwheat – It’s made in Ukraine It has a dark color with a full-bodied flavor. This honey contains more antioxidant compounds compared to some lighter honeys.
  • Sunflower – It has a floral aroma, and can crystallize easily. It has a light to medium amber color.

A variety of unique types of monofloral honeys is also available during harvest season from May to October at a reasonably higher prices.The honey is packed into standard 55 gallon (300 Kg) food-grade barrels. Water content is less than 18.6%.This honey has a normal flavor that is very good, and an aroma from the major floral source. It does not contain any caramelization, fermentation, smoke, chemicals, and various other odors. It’s practically free from any defects that will affect its appearance and edibility. The honey’s clarity is very clear, although, there may be some air bubbles. It may contain some pollen grains or other tiny particles, but these don’t affect its appearance.

We have completely studied different types of honey. You should know that price does not depend on the country of origin, it depends on botanical origin of honey and harmony of bouquet.

You should know that good quality honey j ust like wine, the color and flavor of honey varieties can differ every year, even if it’s from the very same beekeeper and location. Weather differences and different blossoming seasons can change the look and taste of honey. If you are interested in learning more about the different types of honey products that are available in your area, talk to local beekeepers or the beekeeping association in your area.

From the beginning we not only selling in bulk honey also royal jelly, propolis, pollen and wax. We take part regularly in beekeeping conferences, exhibitions and seminars, as well as other forums in Ukraine and abroad. In future main purpose for activity organic products all over the world. It helps to us better understand all world wide beekeeping processes. Objective point to order customers a good quality products and services, with real price, as well as the development of its retail network, without being distracted by the endless search for popular products of beekeeping.

If you are interested in wholesale supply and procurement of honey, pollen, propolis, pollen, wax, royal jelly and other bee products, please contact us.

For more details about the products, please download PRICE LISTS (PDF) here.