Discover the joy and rewards of beekeeping!

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced beekeeper, we have everything you need to keep bees.

Find suits, beehives, extractors and many other beekeeping items to make your season a sweet success.

Equipment needs vary with the size of your operation, number of colonies, and the type of honey you plan to produce.

The basic equipment you need are the components of the hive, protective gear, smoker and hive tool, and the equipment you need for handling the honey crop.

Some beekeepers find they can save money by making their own equipment or by purchasing used equipment.

With both approaches, the equipment must be a standard size. When constructing beekeeping equipment, a thorough understanding of bee space is a necessity. You can consult readily available construction plans or use commercial pieces as a pattern. Many beekeepers find they can economically make covers, hive bodies, and bottom boards, but frames are more difficult and time consuming. Success depends on availability and cost of materials, proper equipment, and the beekeeper’s woodworking skills.

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