Birch juice, has a lot of useful, and nutrients, vitamins that have a positive effect on the human body.
Recently, scientists have found that infusion of birch juice, helps with magnetic storms.
To such conclusion Yamal scholars have arrived.
In order to find out if really birch infusion well helps with magnetic storms.
Scientists have decided to experiment on rodents.
For 45 days, the rodents were given an infusion of birch, and birch sap.
During strong magnetic storms, rodents were released into labyrinths, and oversaw them. They actively behaved themselves, and the magnetic storms did not affect them like other animals.

6This may indicate that the use of birch juice, not only recharges the body with nutrients, but also fights well with negative influences, with magnetic storms.
So, you must necessarily use birch sap, birch tinctures, which will give the body youth, strength, and positive emotions.