We all already know about the positive properties of birch sap, it is like a magical elixir that helps the body cope with various health problems. Birch juice is often used in the manufacture of various creams, shampoos, drinks.

This juice, not only drink clean without various additives, but also make delicious compotes, add various herbs, thanks to which the body eats useful substances, thanks to which people get sick less.
For example, it will be very good to add a bit of crimson jam to the birch sap. This remedy perfectly fights with various inflammations, lowers the heat.
You can add cranberry juice, due to which the body will be cleansed of toxins.
If there is apple, grape juice, pomegranate, boldly add to birch and drink on an empty stomach, this combination of different juices will give the body a charge of vivacity and many useful vitamins.

So any juice will be useful with birch, most importantly, before mixing and drinking various drinks, be sure to make sure that they do not harm your health, because each useful juice has both positive and negative properties.