Birch juice, this taste not only from childhood, but also from the remote areas of ancient times. As you know, even in ancient times, birch sap was valued for its properties, it was used to treat various diseases. In birch sap is a lot of useful vitamins and minerals, it is useful to drink it not only during various diseases, but also for the body to saturate useful substances.
In different cities and countries, birch juice is very popular, but the problem is that many do not like its taste, that’s why, you can prepare a healthy drink with birch juice.
To prepare a useful and flavorful drink that you can drink at any time of the year you will need: birch sap, citric acid, orange, tangerines.

In the pot, pour in the birch juice, add sugar, put it on the fire (to preserve vitamins, useful substances, boil the juice can not), as soon as the sugar has melted, add slices of processed in boiling water of orange and mandarin. We lower into banks and pour boiling water, after which it is necessary to twist the jars. Turn over and cover with towels.
Everything, tasty birch juice is ready.