Birch juice contains a lot of vitamins that help our body fight different diseases. Birch juice, tasty, it is often used to restore immunity.25518220-diabet-recepty-pitanie-1
Birch sap — Collecting medicinal drink.
Very often, you can saw as the road people collect birch sap, but it is wrong to collect birch sap can only clean places, away from roads and contaminated by various chemicals of interest because wood can absorb from the environment pollutants and exhaust emissions.
In addition, you need to collect birch sap in clean, unpolluted areas, it must still collect the right to not harm the tree. So if you decide to collect birch sap, you need to follow some rules.
In order to collect birch sap, better to choose the adult tree that must be at least a diameter of 30 centimeters.

If a young tree, it is better to pass by, because the wounds in young trees very badly heal.
On the north side, at a height of not more than one meter from the ground, in the trunk make a small hole, which should be directed upwards.
This makes referrals to free the juice dripped down.
The hole should do about 2-3 centimeters, the opening substituted metal plate on which will drain the juice.
In order to enjoy the pleasant juice collected in steklyanu its capacity, because plastic can give an unpleasant flavor, so the plastic should be abandoned.
Collect birch sap in early spring, it could be in March, if very early spring, or in April. Once spring came true, begin to flow through the trunks of trees — birch tears, they sparkle in the spring sun.


Once dissolved leaves, birch sap stopped collecting, because it loses its beneficial properties.
Birch juice has many vitamins and nutrients, but other than mineral properties, birch sap can damage our body, but it is only if the person does not suffer urolithiasis.
So in birch sap, too many nutrients — an environmentally friendly product, but it must gather, not to buy in stores, because not all juice purchased nutrients.
So enjoy, this useful, healthy juice early spring.