As it became known, the British researchers found that organic food has a lot of benefits, and has a positive effect on the human body.

In environmentally friendly foods, there are many more antioxidants and various vitamins that have a positive effect on human health.
Recently, the research team, headed by Professor Carlo Leifert of the University of Newcastle, made the conclusion that there is a big difference between organic and also inorganic foods.

picture-212064After the study, scientists became even more confident and realized that an increased level of antioxidant content significantly affects human nutrition. Organic cereals contain a much less protein and nutrients than conventional crops. Such a conclusion was made by Professor of Nutrition at the Royal College of London, Tom Sanders.


During the study, Leifert said that many antioxidants reduce the risk of contracting a variety of chronic and vascular diseases, cancer, tumors, heart disease, bone disease, joint disease. But it should be recalled that the scientists admitted that the organic diet has not yet fully investigated, and its benefits are early to say something, and moreover, completely switch to such a diet.
Researchers from the UK found that cultures grown in the usual way contain much more toxic metal in foods. Inorganic food found the remains of pesticides.
At the moment, in Great Britain, they sell very expensive organic products, but they are often bought, although the price is very high.e7fd2ae7d0792577a8abfa77d17e4464

The survey showed that many people want to eat only healthy food, fewer people will try to avoid various harmful compounds, the next percentage is environmental, but there are still people who enjoy the taste of organic products and they will buy them.