As we already know, varieties of honey very much. There is a honey, which is a very rare species, but the buy, find and sell.
For example Espartsetovyy such as honey, which has a golden yellow polishers, it is transparent, has a thick consistency. This extract from the honey bee flowers plant beans, is one of the more useful types of honey, since the composition of honey is very rich in vitamins, bioactive substances and minerals that fill the body with nutrients.

Эспарцетовый-мёдEspartsetovyy Honey is not only useful, but also because of this honey can be derived cholesterol from the body, improve blood composition, displays the body of excess sugar. For men, the use of honey increases the level of hormones.
Once the honey crystallizes, is white, has a creamy feel.
Espartsetovyy honey helps with gastritis, with various gynecological inflammation, also with stomatitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis at.

934501Also, the healing honey helps with bleeding gums, angina when heart problems, diseases associated with skin, influenza, rhinitis and other diseases.
Besides positive properties, honey has espartsetovyy negative properties, such may cause allergic reactions. Many use honey can not. Also, honey is very harmful when it is heated to a temperature of 40 degrees. When heated all the beneficial properties disappear.