As soon as spring begins to bloom the leaves, as soon as the peppers have flowers, nature wakes up from its winter slumber and everything comes to life, the birch begins to cry white tears. People begin to gather tears of birch trees, in other words, the juice, which in its properties is very valuable.

Birch juice is valued in nutrients. For example, in the composition of birch SAP contains carbohydrates, various minerals, volatile, organic acids. The composition of birch juice includes potassium, calcium, magnesium, nutri, marulaneng, it is also rich in nutrients such as saponins and tannins.
Birch juice helps to fight various diseases due to high content of vitamins and minerals, birch SAP is an elixir of youth.
Thanks to the healing properties of the juice can be treated different diseases. collage21
For example, the use of birch juice helps in Allergy, infectious diseases.
If a person has a skin disease, kidney problems, doctors also recommend to take juice.

Thanks to the useful properties that are in birch sap, you can clear the blood, and, birch juice displays the body of harmful substances. After taking antibiotics is often recommended to use birch sap.
Women, who often suffer from inflammation of the appendages, to prevent need to drink birch sap.
If children often suffer from various infectious diseases in their diet should add birch sap.
Besides that birch sap helps fight various diseases, it often adds to cosmetics.


It birch juice helps fight the problem areas, too, when the skin is acne, you can get rid of them through the birch sap.
Medicinal properties of birch sap is very large, so you should add to your diet birch sap.

Birch juice is the elixir of youth and longevity.