Water — it’s simple, the most common substance on Earth that has a lot of secrets, scientists each year find something new in the water, and the mysterious and find new facts about the properties of water.
There are so many interesting facts about water, I want a little recall some of them.
Water is the most simple and common substance that is on this planet, too, more than 70 percent of our globe of water.
Water is such an interesting substance that dissolves in himself, everything he sees on his way.

Water, it is very necessary for life, but not only us, almost no creature on earth plant can not live without this, transparent and pure substances.
It is often said, if a person suffers from depression, a person needs to drink two or even more glasses of water to get rid of this unpleasant condition.
In ten times more water stored in the mantle than on its surface.
Water is the main solvent in the human body through the water, carried all the nutrients in the body. Due to the water from the body are derived slag. Very often the water is used in order to lose weight, prytrymuyuchys with an appropriate diet.

Almost three percent of the water on our planet — is fresh water and only a third of the stock pryhidna for its use.
Water exists in different states: solid, liquid and gaseous.
They say that people who drink a lot of water during the day, at least suffer heart attacks.

In Los — Angeles, sold the most expensive water, which costs over $ 100, this water packed in special jars in which stones are Swarovski, the water has a pleasant taste.
Water plays an important roll in our lives, which is why it is in the first place, because, without water, as well as without air all life on our planet die.