apizanMystery bees — toilers

Few people care about good passes flower. One man stops zamyluyetsya may remember something interesting from her childhood, or from the distant past, and carefully, as if it wants to keep such a valuable treasure — depart. And the other — pull this fascinating beauty of the land, a little pobavytsya and then, just as trash — throw faded away, some that give such beauty beloved mother or loved one, and these flowers in a flowerpot stand very long. Flowers, to live and to please the beauty of the world, because they give us beauty attracted tender, bright flavor.

Unfortunately, the world is changing, as people, we cease to enjoy nature, landscapes that nature gives us and the wonderful world of flora and fauna is very diverse and interesting.
Bees are very interesting insects that are attracted not only by its appearance, but that benefit, but the lives of these insects are very small. The life of bees depends forces the whole family. If a bee swarm weak, the bee lives only 4 weeks and the strong can survive up to 7 weeks, but it all depends on the uterus. Bees, these are insects that are able to regulate his life.

Bees that have overwintered in the hive, live much longer than summer toiler, in general, summer bee can make thousands of sorties hive, so you can collect 1 kg of honey.
You created a healing honey bee scoops up only a small drop of flower nectar secreted by plants, its weight is only a few milihramm and enriches it with his saliva, which with a lot of enzymes, then the process of splitting sucrose, in which the nectar then becomes honey.
After returning to the hive, the bee nectar bee-passes Acceptancers which then continues biochemical processing, is nectar in honeycomb cells, where it is also subjected to chemical treatment — «maturation».
At this time there is intense evaporation, precipitation tannins. The content of the bees in this period needs special care and attention.

Henceforth swarm can gather for a day to 10 kylohramm honey a day.
With its delicate, beautiful and fragrant flowers, bees collect nectar healing, not only honey, because, in addition to honey, bees also produce special glue called wax. On the beneficial properties of honey are known to many, but most of the benefits of bees, wax and healing, few people realize.
Bees were still wild, they hid their honey of the human eye is very deeply — in hollow trees, and just over a hundred years ago, people began to make special homes for bees, which then became known — hives.

Once people learned about the healing properties of honey, immediately began to protect these834819231 insects with wings. Honey cost is still very expensive, it was almost identical price of gold.

Beeswax is widely used in our lives through the healing wax and honey can cure various diseases.
Here are some interesting secrets and the insects that should be protected.