Unfortunately, for today, the majority, food is made only with the addition of various additives, unfortunately, most of them are very bad for the human body. Let’s look at most of the nutritional supplements that you can often see on food labels.
For example, such an additive as sodium benzoate (E211), this additive is very harmful to the digestive system, even a small amount of this additive, can lead to a person having a variety of digestive problems. Sodium benzoate is added to confectionery, in gas drinks, as well as in ketchup, mayonnaise.

Even in such a beautiful cake, you can find this supplement in delicious cakes.
After all, this additive helps the products to be stored on store shelves much longer and do not spoil.
Of course, nobody will stop adding to their food supplements, because it will destroy the entire industry of not only juices, but also cakes, and other products.
If it is possible, it is better to use natural juices and nectars, which gave nature, they are much more mature than those who sell in stores.
It is not necessary to upset, because not only harmful nutritional supplements are added to products, but also those that do not harm our health at all, for example, the food coloring curcumin (E 100), which is made from a tropical plant of Surcuma longa L., which has Therapeutic effect, cleansing the blood vessels and improving digestion.

1_1 (1) Turmeric is also involved in the metabolism of fats and has the ability to remove toxins from the body. This dye can be found when you read the composition of ice cream, a variety of sauces.

Food colorant chlorophyll (E 140), has the property of suppressing malignant cells, has the ability to remove toxins from the body. It is used in the manufacture of milk desserts.
Carmine (E 120), used in the manufacture of ice cream, yogurt, carotene (E 160), used in the manufacture of ice cream, mayonnaise and other products.
But, it should be recalled that today, most enterprises, avoid mentioning the full range of products and additives from which they prepared one or another food product.
Therefore, you should carefully read the label on which the products and additives from which the product was made are written.