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Now it is very difficult to find environmentally friendly products in the market, in which there would be no various additives, nitrates, dyes, which adversely affect human health, affect the internal organs, and a healthy appearance.
The safest products are those grown on their plots, without various chemicals and nitrates. But such products are still sold from their site by farmers, villagers, as they care not only about the health of their relatives, but also about casual passers-by.
In different countries, there are clear criteria, due to which, you can refer products to such a category as organic products.
These products include products that do not contain genetically modified ingredients, products that have pesticides, artificial fertilizers, various pesticides, since they were not used during the cultivation of fruits and vegetables.


Eco-friendly products do not contain preservatives, dyes, various additives.
On organic, environmentally friendly products there will be special license designations, on their labels, on vegetables and fruits — «Organica», EKO. These designations mean that these products will not harm our body and they do not contain harmful substances.
Today, in our world there are many different license symbols, thanks to which you can find quality products without any additives, most importantly, pay attention to such symbols.