Our purpose-built, newly-installed manufacturing facility is supported by our Technical and New Product Development Departments, as well as our in-house laboratory. This enables us to carefully manage, through internal and independent external analysis, the entire process through to the finished product. With honey being such a quality-orientated and technically demanding commodity, we operate a full traceability system and HACCP.

First thing is first; we do closely work with a number of leading honey producers in order to organize a steady supply of high quality honey which would continuously match HACCP and Codex Alimentarius quality requirements.

After testing in the laboratory plant products, as well as additional testing of the Ukrainian state laboratory DNDKI (Reigning NAUKOVO-doslіdny Verification іnstitut) in laboratories in Germany: Quality Services International GmbH (Bremen), Eurofins GeneScan GmbH (Freiburg), Intertek Food Services GmbH (Bremen), only after this 20 tonne homogenised batch of honey is becoming Ukrainian export.

All bee products according to Ukrainian standards and ISO 22000:2005-2007.

Company represents only highest quality Bee Products for wholesale customers (from 1 tones to 20 tones) , also can find are packed quality glass jars (from 250 grams to 1400 grams).


1. Natural honey:

– Acacia honey:

– Buckwheat honey:

– Linden honey:

– Honey of various blossoms:

– Sunflower honey:

– Early summer honey:

– Altay mountain honey Diaghilev:

2. Honey mixes & Honey desserts:

– Natural honey with pollen: net weight – 250 g

– Natural honey with royal jelly: net weight: 250 g

– Natural honey with propolis: net weight: 250 g

– Natural honey with bee bread: net weight: 400 g

– Creamed honey of various blossoms: net weight: 400 g

3. Pollen and propolis

4. Hives

The types of packaging products:

1. Portion packaging – individual plastic containers – 0.25 g

2. Glass jar – 250g

3. Glass jar – 400g

4. Glass jar – 1 200 g

5. Glass jar – 500g – pit “comfort” with an iron grip

6. Glass jar – 1 400 g – pit “comfort” with an iron grip

7. Wooden barrel – 700 g – Barrel Gift

8. Wooden barrel – 1 400 g – Barrel Gift

If you are interested in wholesale supply and procurement of honey, pollen, propolis, pollen, wax, royal jelly and other bee products, please contact us.

For more details about the products, please download PRICE LISTS (PDF) here.