Presents Mineral Waters.

Ukrainian therapeutic mineral waters called natural water which has include more quantities of certain minerals (rarely organic) substances, various gases – carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, etc., or have any – what unique properties – radioactivity, temperature and others.The main components of mineral water are the elements chlorine, sulphates, bicarbonates, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, much less – iron and aluminum.

Thanking these case waters influence in human therapeutic that is we cannot say about usual action of fresh water.

– Natural water “Morshynska”

Natural “Morshynska” mineral water comes from clean Carpathian region.

Morshinskaya valley, located on the eastern slope of the Carpathian Mountains and surrounded on all sides by forests, belonging to the Carpathian Reserve. There has never been large companies that could adversely affect the ecological situation around. In Morshyn, not even a gas station.

According to chief UN food standards – Codex Alimentarius natural mineral water – just water from underground sources completely preserved original composition of minerals. Packed water, by international standards, can be called natural only if you meet the following requirements:

It is extracted from natural sources, protected from any contamination.

Poured into bottles directly near the source.

It has a constant chemical composition and temperature constant.

Do not experiencing any cleaning methods that can alter the natural properties of the primary sources of water. You can use only mechanical filters. Extracted only officially recognized method of officially registered mineral springs.

Morshinskaya as table water meets all these requirements and is an international standard of natural water  in the Ukrainian market.

– Mineral water “Shayanska” is one of the best with carbon dioxide, brackish, bicarbonate, sodium, medical-table Transcarpathia waters with total mineralization 2.5 – 5.0 g / dm3.

– Mineral water “Dragovskaya” – one of the best include carbonates chloride-bicarbonate, sodium, boron water with mineralization 4,0-7,1 g dm3.

– “Kvasova Polyana” – is natural jewel Carpathian waters. For a long time the mineral water “Polyana

Kvasova” is produced from a unique place of origin and one of best popular water in world, and it is a source of natural healing water. By its unique chemical composition “Glade Kvasov” could stand one place with Borjomi, Mineralization is about 6,5-12 g / l, it is good for differs also natural content of carbon dioxide treatment.

– Mineral water “Luzhanska” is used for therapeutic .

Chemical components : hydro – nariyevyh boric mineral water with low salinity – 3,0-6,5 g / l. It is belong to such as Borjomi International and Polyana – Kvasovskoho subtype mineral water.

“Luzhanskkoyi” are : biologically active magnesium, potassium, calcium, silicon, orthoboric acid fluoride. Organic foods are a mainstream trend in the Europe of the 21st century and other developed countries of the world. According to official reports, the market of organic foods is developing more dynamically than that of non-organic, as in all civilized societies still more attention is paid not only to final products but to their original components as well.

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