Birch, a very interesting tree, which is famous not only for the useful properties of bark, birch juice, but also various species. That’s the way, the birch has a lot of species.

This tree belongs to the species of deciduous, as well as shrubs of the family of birch, which includes more than 120 species of different birches.
Birch is very common throughout the entire terrestrial hemisphere, and some birches can be found even in America, the largest variety of birches in Ukraine, as well as in Russia.

bereza_cvetenie_1-650x532This can be said that the birch is not demanding a tree, it can tolerate both frost and dry land. Birch grows on different soil, both dry and very moist.
In the people, the tree is called «white birch», and this is not a coincidence, as a birch white barrel, which includes a dye called betulin, contains a large number of silver ions.
That is why, birch has an antimicrobial effect, also, near the trunk of this plant is very little different pests and has medicinal properties.
But I would like to say that all types of birch trees have a white color of the trunk, there are birches in which the bark has a yellowish color, pink or brown, gray, there are species with a black bark.
This kind of albae is a birch with a white barrel and smooth leaves.
The type of birch Costata — has a ribbed barrel, and shoesty leaves, below is a slight vein.



Variety of acuminatae berries — has large leaves, grow in more dry climatic conditions.
Birch Nanae — small, has small small leaves.
In the next article you will learn more about other types of birches.