Being a former diet junkie with an eating disorder myself, I’m very much aware of how obsessed we can

become with our weight. After my own 15-year healing journey, however, I know one thing for sure:

If we really want to fit into our favorite clothes again, we first need to feel comfortable in our skin (no

matter what the scale is screaming at us).

For this reason, my clients start out with gently detoxing their body and mind.

A super simple secret to efficiently remove toxins from your liver and kidneys, and naturally drop some

pounds along the way is birch sap, a slightly sweet and watery liquid tapped from birch trees.

I’ve only just completed a 4-week birch sap cleanse myself and this is what happened:

1. During the first ten days, I experienced mild headaches, which are a typical side effect of every cleanse

and actually a good sign.

2. I needed to pass water more often than usual, due to the powerful diuretic properties of birch sap, which

flushes out excess water and toxins, and reduces cellulite (my thighs felt visibly firmer after the cleanse).

3. My skin, which had been pretty blemished after a vacation with an unusual amount of junk food, is

completely clear again thanks to the zinc, B-vitamins and vitamin C contained in birch sap. (I also used a

little bit of birch sap as a toner for my face during the cleanse).

4. As of week two, I slept more deeply and felt more refreshed upon waking up.

5. After the cleanse I had lost 2 pounds «on the side.»

If you want to detox with birch sap, all you need to do is drink 3/4 of a cup of sap on an empty stomach,

every day for four to six weeks.

To support natural weight loss, repeat this treatment every other month, especially if your weight loss has


You can find birch sap at really good health food stores or simply just order it online. Just make sure to use

an organic brand.

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