Bumblebee Wireless Inc. announced that it expects to collect at least one million pounds of mobile phones,

tablets, and laptops over the next three years for reuse and recycling, helping to divert an estimate of the

50 million tons of e-waste from landfills every year, and will collect donations and give a portion of its

proceeds to protecting our bees and providing alternatives to farmers from destructive industrial

agriculture and help promote ecological farming to save this valuable resource from extinction.

According to the James Uberti (CEO of Bumblebee Wireless) and Greenpeace, bee-killing pesticides in

particular pose the most direct risk to wild pollinators. The main reason as he said, for the global bee-

decline are linked to industrial agriculture, parasites/pathogens and climate change. To protect our bees

and agriculture, we need to shift from destructive industrial agriculture towards ecological farming. First

and important steps, is to educate the public about this growing serious problem and to ban all bee-

harming pesticides and lastly to adopt a bee-action plan to promote ecological farming.

“We can all make a tremendous impact if each person commits to reducing their personal e-waste footprint

by recycling and becoming aware of the serious problem with pesticides and destructive industrial

agriculture that is decimating the bee population,” said James Uberti. “The company was founded not only

to provide a one-stop destination for everything wireless but to be responsible and proactive in the

reduction of e-waste pollution, and saving one of the world’s most valuable pollinating resources, Bees”.

About Bumblebee Wireless

Bumblebee Wireless the leaders in Buying, Selling, Repairing and Customizing Wireless Technologies from

Cell Phones to Drones. Ther mission is simply to offer a eco-friendly one-stop destination for everything

wireless saving customers time and added convenience, while offering the highest quality products, service

and being committed to reducing e-waste pollution and protecting valuable resources.

«UKRAINIAN ECOLOGICAL GROUP» plans to launch an information support for the

preservation of Ukrainian bees and clean environment.