bdzholynyj-zabrus-1Zabrush, these are special hats of honey, which bees use to fill honey.
During sealing, bees use a special substance, which includes wax, propolis, and pollen.
Zabrus is very useful and therapeutic properties, as for example, lysozyme, which is much more than in the honey, it should be recalled that lysozyme, a special enzyme, so to say natural antibiotic that destroys cellular membrane of bacteria.
Zabrush, very well increases the immunity of the human body, does not cause the pathogens of addiction to themselves. Doctors are advised to chew the bowl, because it positively affects the human body, activates the metabolism, improves circulation, and strengthens the gum very well.4985596840_f47af17715_b
If you decide to improve your immunity, then it’s best to chew a bowl of 1 tablespoon four or five times a day for about 5-20 minutes.

Thanks to chewing the bowel, the person improves immunity, the person is less ill with various diseases, especially it concerns respiratory diseases, diseases of the skin. If accidentally swallowed zabrus, then okay, zabrus positive effect on the intestine, borytsya with various intestinal diseases, improves motor function secretory stomach.